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Faulty Light Fixtures Are The Second Leading Cause Of Electrical Fires

In the U.S., there are around 24,000 electrical fires per year. The second leading cause of electrical fires is light fixtures. The hanging light fixture above the sink is what started the fire in this customer's home. Luckily, they had a fire extinguisher handy and extinguished the flames before they reached other areas of their home.

Our crews arrived and immediately began assessing the damage. On top of the charred area, the fire extinguisher left behind a powdery mess, and the house had a lingering smoke smell. Not to worry though, no job is too big for SERVPRO of Pickens County. After inspecting the kitchen and the rest of the home, our crew set equipment to rid the house of the lingering smoke smell. Our technicians removed the charred light fixture and cabinetry from the kitchen. The area was then cleaned of any fire extinguisher residue and prepped for reconstruction. Within a few days, we made it "Like it never even happened."

The Dangers of Sleeping With a Charging Cell Phone

This customer accidentally started a fire in their home by leaving a charging phone on the mattress. Within a few moments, the charging phone overheated and ignited the mattress. Thankfully, the customer was able to smother the fire before it got too out of hand. His next step to successfully remove the smoke odor was a call to SERVPRO of Pickens County. 

The Aftermath of a Grease Fire

A grease fire happens when your cooking oil becomes too hot. First, it begins smoking, then it ignites and burns anything in its path. That's what happened to this customer. The grease fire-affected the walls and ceiling in the kitchen, living room, and hallway. We discovered the wallpaper had gotten so hot in the fire it was coming unglued from the wall. Our teams were able to remove the affected materials and smoke smell and got this customer back in his home in no time. 

Local Church Calls on SERVPRO of Pickens County

At three am on Monday 13, 2020, an EF 3 tornado began ripping through Oconee County. In its path, Seneca Baptist Church. The tornado peeled back a portion of the roof. The pews and the carpet were saturated with water. With no power or water, this presented many challenges for SERVPRO of Pickens County.

Our crew members worked around the clock to make this tornado damage "Like it never even happened." We installed several generators and power distribution boxes to aid in running equipment until power was restored to the church. We called in our storm team to help with the drying process. They brought a trailer load full of dehumidifiers and other drying equipment. With their help, we were able to complete the drying process quickly. Now, on to the restoration process.

Storm Damage And Tile Flooring

The sump pump of this Pickens County home failed to work during a torrential downpour. Stormwater flooded the finished basement. The tile was soaked. Thankfully, the homeowner acted fast and called SERVPRO of Pickens County.

The homeowner's quick action saved him from costly repairs. When we arrived, we used a non-penetrating moisture meter to determine how wet the tiles were. Luckily, the tiles only suffered from minor damage. We set up fans and dehumidifiers to remove the excess moisture from the tiles. Tile is resistant water, but if the water seeps into the grout, the subfloor can become wet and damage the tile. Fortunately, that was not the case here.

Don't Let Water Damage Stop Your Business!

The water heater in this church burst in the mechanical room. The water eventually leaked down the wall, onto the stairs and carpeted hallway. SERVPRO of Pickens County responded just in time!

When we arrived on the scene, the leak had stopped. However, there were a few spots that required our attention. We dried out a small area of the carpet that was wet. Then we removed the drywall by the stairs that could not be dried out. We set dehumidifiers and fans to aid in the process. Once, that was complete we prepped the area for restoration.

Don't Let Water Damage Sit! Call SERVPRO of Pickens County.

Water intrusion can be disastrous. Within minutes water can absorb into whatever is in its path. The longer water damage sits the more damage it can cause equaling in more costly repairs for you.

The hardwood flooring in this home began to swell and separate after the main water supply line ruptured. Unfortunately, the homeowners did not notice the damage until a week later. Lost on what to do next they called SERVPRO of Pickens County. Once we arrived, we immediately began setting up a specialty drying system. Most of the main living space was affected by the damage so, we moved the customer's belongings out of the home and into a safe and secure location. Once that was complete, we began the demolition process. Unfortunately, we had to remove the hardwood flooring that was unsalvageable and prep those areas for the restoration process.

If you discover water damage in your Pickens County home - call SERVPRO of Pickens County (864) 855 - 3993!

When The Storm Waters Rise SERVPRO of Pickens County is Always Here To Help

The entire finished basement of this home was flooded during a recent storm after the sump pump stopped working. Stormwater invaded the house and saturated the carpet and tile flooring. Thankfully, SERVPRO of Pickens County responded quickly and was able to extract the water immediately. We removed the carpet pad and began drying out the carpet and tile. Now the basement is ready for the restoration process to begin. 

Are Those Spider Webs?!

No, those are not spider webs you are seeing. These are soot webs, formed after petroleum/synthetic based sources have burned. When petroleum or synthetic sources burn, the soot clings together and creates webs. Soot webs tend to stick to the corners of ceilings. Smoke and soot gravitate towards cooler air, as the air is seeking equilibrium. Corners and ceilings will attract soot webs because these areas tend to be cooler. However, if you find soot webs in your home after a fire do not attempt to remove them. Call SERVPRO of Pickens County 864-855-3993. We'll make it "Like it never even happened." 

Restoration For Your Home Or Business

Did you know that SERVPRO of Pickens County has an entire department dedicated to restoring your home after mitigation is complete? We have the tools, skills, and highly trained crew members committed to restoring your home or business after any disaster.

This homeowner had a slow leak from his dishwasher. Unfortunately, this went unnoticed for quite some time. After everything was removed and dried our restoration department got to work. The damaged hardwood and laminate flooring had to be removed and replaced with new flooring. Once the flooring was complete, then the cabinets and homeowners contents were moved back into the home.

When disaster strikes call SERVPRO of Pickens County 864-855-3993. 

When Water Damage Strikes

Water, if left unmitigated can be destructive. It only takes 48 hours after water damage has occurred for mold to begin growing.  This homeowner discovered the line to their dishwasher had been leaking for quite some time. Thankfully, they gave SERVPRO of Pickens County a call. We were able to dry out the wet areas and remove the mold with an antimicrobial treatment. Now the home is ready for restoration! 

We Are Faster To Any Storm Disaster

After a recent storm, this homeowner discovered stormwater had entered his home through his crawl space. Thankfully, he called SERVPRO of Pickens County immediately. We were able to mitigate the existing damage and prevent any secondary damage from happening. Unfortunately, due to the contaminated water areas of the carpet, the carpet padding and parts of the baseboard had to be removed. Then, drying equipment was set up to ensure there would be no mold growth. The customer was thrilled with our fast response and drying time. 

When Water Damage Affects Your Home Call SERVPRO Of Pickens County

We got a call from this homeowner about a leaking dishwasher. Unfortunately, the damage didn't just stop at the kitchen the whole house was affected. SERVPRO of Pickens County discovered the leaked had gotten under the hardwood floors in the dining room, living room, and hallway. These floors showed cupping and elevated moisture readings. The flooring was removed and the subfloor was dried with a dehumidifier. 

When water affects your home dont wait! Call SERVPRO of Pickens County 864-855-3993. 

No Job Is Too Big For SERVPRO Of Pickens County

This homeowner found standing water throughout her home after she discovered her water heater had malfunctioned. She immediately called SERVPRO of Pickens County for help. We arrived on the scene and began the extraction and drying out processes. Our certified crew members were able to prevent any mold growth or secondary damage to the home by using top of the line equipment. Nine days later, the affected areas were dry and ready for the restoration process. 

When you find standing water in your home - call SERVPRO of Pickens County 864-855-3993. 

Have Fire Damage? Call SERVPRO of Pickens County

Fire damage can be an extensive and brutal task to conquer. However, SERVPRO of Pickens County has the experienced personnel and cutting edge technology to mitigate and restore any property that has experienced a fire. Once the fire was put out, SERVPRO of Pickens County was called to make it "Like it never even happened." Our highly trained crew members removed the odor from the fire, smoke, soot webs, and soot. The owner of the laundromat was thrilled with our prompt service and attention to detail. Once the heroic first responders have completed their efforts, let SERVPRO of Pickens County help you pick up the pieces. Call us today 864-855-3993!

Stained Carpet? We will make it "Like it never even happened."

This customer had wine and heavy foot traffic stains in their carpet. He was concerned the stains were too set in to be removed. SERVPRO of Pickens Country responded and got the job done. The customer was ecstatic with our work and response time. We made this disaster "Like it never even happened." 

Busted Water Heater? SERVPRO of Pickens County can handle it!

When SERVPRO of Pickens County received this call on the Friday after Thanksgiving, we responded immediately. The water heater in this church had burst and water was running down the walls and soaking the carpets. The water had left behind some serious damage but nothing that SERVPRO of Pickens County couldn't handle. We were able to dry out the areas quickly and give our customer daily updates. They were overjoyed with our work and fast response! 

SERVPRO of Pickens County During A Large Commercial Loss

SERVPRO of Pickens County is always ready for whatever happens. During this large commercial loss, The Disaster Recovery Team and SERVPRO of Pickens County performed the cleanup, mitigation, and restoration.      

National Day of Service and Remembrance Clemson, SC

SERVPRO of Pickens County spent time volunteering at The Arts Center of Clemson for National Day of Service and Remembrance. We enjoyed landscaping the areas outside the arts center. Thank you to The Arts Center of Clemson and the Clemson Rotary for giving SERVPRO of Pickens County the opportunity to volunteer.   

Red Cross Golf Tournament Clemson, SC

SERVPRO of Pickens County enjoyed the shotgun start at Clemson's Walker Course. This tournament raised over $12,000 for the Red Cross thanks to all the teams and sponsors!

Tennis Tournament Simpsonville, SC

SERVPRO of Pickens County visited Hollytree Country Club in Simpsonville, South Carolina. The sunny weather created the perfect day to enjoy tennis. Our team enjoyed cheering on all the players.