Water Damage Photo Gallery

Don't Let Water Damage Sit! Call SERVPRO of Pickens County.

Water intrusion can be disastrous. Within minutes water can absorb into whatever is in its path. The longer water damage sits the more damage it can cause equaling in more costly repairs for you.

The hardwood flooring in this home began to swell and separate after the main water supply line ruptured. Unfortunately, the homeowners did not notice the damage until a week later. Lost on what to do next they called SERVPRO of Pickens County. Once we arrived, we immediately began setting up a specialty drying system. Most of the main living space was affected by the damage so, we moved the customer's belongings out of the home and into a safe and secure location. Once that was complete, we began the demolition process. Unfortunately, we had to remove the hardwood flooring that was unsalvageable and prep those areas for the restoration process.

If you discover water damage in your Pickens County home - call SERVPRO of Pickens County (864) 855 - 3993!

When Water Damage Strikes

Water, if left unmitigated can be destructive. It only takes 48 hours after water damage has occurred for mold to begin growing.  This homeowner discovered the line to their dishwasher had been leaking for quite some time. Thankfully, they gave SERVPRO of Pickens County a call. We were able to dry out the wet areas and remove the mold with an antimicrobial treatment. Now the home is ready for restoration! 

When Water Damage Affects Your Home Call SERVPRO Of Pickens County

We got a call from this homeowner about a leaking dishwasher. Unfortunately, the damage didn't just stop at the kitchen the whole house was affected. SERVPRO of Pickens County discovered the leaked had gotten under the hardwood floors in the dining room, living room, and hallway. These floors showed cupping and elevated moisture readings. The flooring was removed and the subfloor was dried with a dehumidifier. 

When water affects your home dont wait! Call SERVPRO of Pickens County 864-855-3993. 

No Job Is Too Big For SERVPRO Of Pickens County

This homeowner found standing water throughout her home after she discovered her water heater had malfunctioned. She immediately called SERVPRO of Pickens County for help. We arrived on the scene and began the extraction and drying out processes. Our certified crew members were able to prevent any mold growth or secondary damage to the home by using top of the line equipment. Nine days later, the affected areas were dry and ready for the restoration process. 

When you find standing water in your home - call SERVPRO of Pickens County 864-855-3993.